PREP GUIDE: Full Contour Zirconia

Successful results can be achieved with Full-Contour Zirconia if the guidelines and framework are strictly observed. The Full-Contour Zirconia can be prescribed for single units and multi-unit bridges. It is an ideal replacement for full metal crowns and is the perfect structure to address tight bites, grinders and bruxers.


Evenly reduce the anatomical shape and observe the stipulated minimum thickness. Prepare a circular shoulder with rounded inner edges of chamfer at an angle of approximately 10-30°. The width of the circular shoulder/chamfer is approximately 1mm. Reduction of the crown third - incisal or occlusal areas - by approximately 1.5mm. For anterior crowns, the labial and palatal/lingual part of the tooth should be reduced by approximately 1.2mm. The incisal edge of the preparation shuld be at least 1mm (milling tool geometry) in order to permit optimum milling of the incisal edge during CAD/CAM processing.