Diagnostic Wax-up

Diagnostic Wax-Ups are a valuable tool for any smile makeover because it gives the patient an accurate preview of how his or her finished case will look. With this technique, the lab removes the desired amount of tooth structure from the preoperative model and the restoration is waxed on to the patient’s actual prepped teeth. This method accurately shows the patient, dentist and lab technician what is realistically attainable for the patient.
One function of the Diagnostic Wax-up is that it helps many patients determine whether to pursue treatment because they can compare the waxed up model to their existing smile. For this reason, all Diagnostic Wax-Ups are fabricated from white stone models with white wax, to produce the most life like result possible.
Another important role of the diagnostic wax-up is in the fabrication of provisional restorations or temporaries. An impression of the wax-up is taken with a putty material. In the mouth, the temporaries can be contoured and customized to the patient’s facial features. Occlusion and phonetics can also be evaluated, and when these, along with esthetics, are deemed satisfactory, an impression can be made to communicate the proper size, shape, length, and form to the lab.